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Change Your Health, Change Your Story.

I reached out to friend, customer and all around incredible human Dr. Heath Carpenter to learn what wellness looks like for him . This man is eloquent. His answers were inspiring and honest. Enjoy!


What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is like the images in a kaleidoscope, individual patterns weaving together to create something beautiful and pleasing to the eye at the moments when the parts blend most fluidly together.  So when I'm pursuing the right ingredients for body, mind, and, for lack of a better word, spirit to flourish, those patterns merge, and then one comes close to the elusive flourishing, or its synonym: wellness.

How do you support your wellness throughout the day?

How do I? Or how should I?  The devil's in the details of that loaded question. In reality, I do this well for a while and then not well for a while.  My brother-in-law calls the latter a "pit-stop."  I feel the pit-stops acutely, meaning I can often best understand what wellness is by what it isn't.  When I'm doing it well, I have structured my day around the best for my body, mind, and spirit.  I've carved out time early for quiet, reading, and reflection.  My work day is filled with good, meaningful work.  My afternoon is filled with physical activity and quality time with family.  Interspersed, I have taken care of my body by eating well and drinking plenty of water.  When I'm intentional about it, these equal a fulfilling, energized, sense of purpose and overall well-being.



What do you love about Dr Barry's Remedies?

Dr. Barry's Remedies is synonymous with holistic wellness, focusing not just on the symptoms.  But for me it's also a connection to tradition:  Watching Dane and Chelsea carry on their dad's legacy, is a testament to the handcrafted excellence of Dr. Barry's remedies.  I love watching his children scale his vision and expertise beyond the Rose Bud, AR storefront to the wider world.  


What does "Change Your Health, Change Your Story," mean to you?

When we feel well, we have a renewed sense of what's possible.  There's an implied optimism, a hopefulness, that we can tap into and maximize our lives and hopefully turn those into use for our various spheres of influence.  So to be fortunate enough to have some agency in changing our physical well-being is to similarly have the willingness to imagine what's possible for our lives as a whole.



How does this come through in your daily life?

It's the cliche of the slippery-slope: when I concentrate on my health, I build positive momentum into my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being which can't help but to influence the work I do, how I treat others, and my overall sense of purpose.  So I try to set the chips up to fall the right way, because the inverse can equally be true.


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