Sadness and the Holidays


It’s the Holiday season, the time for joy and peace…but for those of us who’ve lost someone they love, or for those of you who are struggling with health issues, depression or much much more, the holidays can seem more like something to survive rather than to enjoy.


Traditions that once added joy and meaning to the season are altered and punctuated with painful reminders of the person we love who is not here to share in it, or maybe even the person you once were.


Here are a few tips I have found useful for myself and hope they are beneficial to any of you who may also need them.


1. Trust. Trust that grief is part of healing. The holidays won’t be the exact same, but experiencing those emotions rather than avoiding them is part of the healing process.


2. Be mindful. Rest. Practice your self care through Bible reading, meditation, working out, a good book or a hot bath.


3. Avoid Sugar. I've spent a lot of time researching the dangers of sugar recently, but I was most intrigued to learn that sugars naturally induce emotional lows.


4. Share. Find someone you trust and admit your feelings. Crying releases excessive tension, and has plenty of health benefits, like reducing distress. So don’t be ashamed.


5. Prevention. Now is not the time to get sick. If you are sick, everything feels worse. I’m always preaching it, but I'll say it again: prevention, prevention, prevention!


6. Give. Even when you are in the midst of grief and feelings of loneliness or sadness, you still have something to offer the world. Acts of generosity and kindness no matter how small are good for the spirit.


I hope that helps someone. I know for myself I’ve learned that I have to follow the steps and have a plan. Much love to you all.


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