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Enjoy coffee and spicy food without the reflux

Say goodbye to heartburn and bring balance to your body's natural acid production. Our products not only provide immediate relief but also target the root cause of your discomfort for long-term relief, so you can live your life to the fullest.

Hiatal Health

Immediate heartburn relief

 Prevents and reduces heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion

 Users Say It Begins to works within an hour for fast-acting protection

 Relieves hiatal hernia symptoms like upper abdominal pain and acidic regurgitation 

 Coats the esophagus to provide a barrier against stomach acid

 Repairs and builds weakened muscle tissue

 Protects against GERD, ulcers, and hiatal hernias

Hiatal Health
Hiatal Health

Feeling the burn in your chest and wondering why?

Did you know that a whopping 1 in every 5 people suffer from GERD? 

With our fast-paced, stress-filled lives, it's no surprise that acid reflux is a common frustration.

But here's the thing - ignoring your heartburn can lead to even bigger problems down the road. 

That’s why our Reflux Remedy not only provides fast-acting protection, but also works overtime to soothe the GI tract and prevent acid reflux from occurring in the first place.

100 % Natural and Holistic Remedies

Effective Ingredients for Optimal Results


for tissue repair and regeneration


for improving digestion


for stregthening and rebuilding muscle


for internal wound healing


for reducing inflammation


for soothing the esophagus

Immediate Relief!

but make it natural.

✓ Prevents Acid Reflux

✓ Protects The Esophagus

✓ Anti-Inflammatory & Strengthening

✓ Improves Gastric Mobility

✓ Instant & Long-Term Relief

Versus Traditional

Antacids & PPI's

✓ Band-Aid Solution

✓ Neutralizes Stomach Acid

✓ Causes Constipation & Diarrhea

✓ Disrupts Gut Microbiome

✓Promotes Acid Oversecretion

Real Relief, Real Results - Hiatal Health Delivers!

Reclaim Your Life

Living with heartburn can be frustrating, and it can interfere with the things you love to do. But with Hiatal Health, you can eliminate heartburn and get back to enjoying life on your terms. Say goodbye to the burn and hello to the good stuff!

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varda jariv
Acid reflex

Did not work for me

1st Bottle

So I just started taking your product and I’m weaning myself off of my meds for Gerd. How long should I take it.

Relief from Heartburn!

I have had excessive digestive issues, heartburn, burping, and belching for years. I would experience feeling dizzy upon the onset of the upper gas pushing towards my heart. I would take GasX when things got this bad. I also was taking Zantac and Omeprazole to control my condition in the past but stopped taking them because of the dangers of PPI’s. I received Hiatal Health about a week ago and have taken one capsule before each meal upon receiving it. I feel so much better! I do not have the miserable heartburn burn in my throat. My burping is not as bad as before. I do not feel the ravages striking as I would feel after a meal. I am very happy with these results! I am looking very forward to receiving my order of Dr. Barry’s Resp as I have developed a persistent, annoying cough from my long experience with heartburn, and I also have sinus, runny nose and post nasal drip issues. My interest in Dr. Barry’s products got my attention when I received an email stating that acid reflux and a cough are very much connected. Thank you for your products! They are a Godsend.

Klara Bahcall
Excellent, Natural Solution

I am glad to write this review of Dr. Barry’s Natural Relief of Acid Reflux and Hiatal Health remedy.
I needed to find a gentle, not harmful but helpful product that actually was able to reduce acid and help with hiatal hernia. I found it. There is nothing like this product on the market! The most commonly used medications can have serious side effects, should be used for only a short time yet a lot of times people are using them for a very long time. With those medications the acid reflux doesn’t get better it only gets muted by the medicine. With this product not only you get relief from heartburn but also start to heal. Right now I only need to use this remedy before supper and it seems to be able to help me adequately. Only a very few times I had heartburn during the day. I believe it helped to heal the other issues I had as well. I can full heartedly recommend this product.

Kaye Brown
Great product

This has really helped with my acid reflux that I've had for years. I have been taking this for years and can tell a difference when I forget to take it. Dr. Barry's products are all good and worth trying if you haven't tried them before. I highly recommend all of Dr. Barry's products.

Hiatal Health