3 Steps to Finding and Living Your Truest Life

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It's that time of year again. Time when we all start making grand plans for how we want to change ourselves.  Work goals, healthier eating habits, an exercise program, reading books, taking vitamins, drinking water, etc. I've written a post before on the misguided effect of New Years Resolutions, you can find it here. So, this year, I wanted to take a real tactical approach.  


Below you will find a list of prompts, questions to dig in and truly nail down your innermost dreams, goals and visions for your life. In an effort to be sure that your work, efforts and choices are aligning with where you want your life to be. 


As someone who can be very - go with the flow, wait and see what life presents next- kind of person...I know I can really benefit from some structure. My brother, Dane, on the other hand is a deep thinker. Thoughtful and driven in his ideas and course. We recently sat down together and answered these questions ourselves. It was an incredibly enriching and eye-opening process. I hope you will find them just as beneficial as head into this new year.



1. Design Your Dreams

 What would your ideal life look like? For instance, how much money do you need/want to make. Think logistically about how much you are truly comfortable working in a week. Ask yourself if you have travel plans to push for? Are there dreams or goals for the next year to prioritize? What is an area or skill you would like to grow in or seek more training on? What is the good you want to do in the world? Dig in and really seek clarity for what is most important for your time?


Write it all down as you go. Now pause. Take just a minute, read it over again and ask yourself these questions...Are you happy with the progress your making towards your goals? Do you feel in alignment with the future you want to create? Is your schedule, habits and routines supporting who you want to become and what you want to achieve?


If you answered no to any of the above, why not? Where do you need to course correct and how can you commit to taking action? Create a blueprint and map out your vision. Clarifying your goals and listing the small daily steps you can take to get you there.


2. Combat Self Sabotage

It's normal at this point in the process for fears to come up. All good, this is the time to take notice of them. Continue to seek answers within yourself. Where are you finding resistance and what's holding you back? What are your protecting yourself from by playing small or not taking action? How can you make yourself feel safe and supported as you work towards your goals?


3. Implementation 

Great. You've done the work, now here comes the tricky part... the follow through. This is where aligned actions, routines and consistent effort come in. Keep in mind, that small steps add up to big changes and living a life that excites and suits you, is absolutely worth the effort. 



We hope 2023 is a year of greatness for you. A year where you find yourself heading in a direction you always wanted to go. Pursuing dreams and goals with confidence. 


From personal experience I can tell you, that all the goals and practical steps in the world will amount to nothing if you don’t feel good. This is where our dreams collide. Our hope, goal and vision is to build a company that helps people feel better, so they can live the life they were meant to live. If we can help on your journey towards wellness, please never hesitate to reach out. Happy New Year!


Chelsea, Co Founder of Dr Barry’s Remedies


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