Middle-Life Crisis??

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Ok, let's just be honest here. I'm not as young as I used to be 😅 I'm ever so quickly heading towards (dare I even say it...) middle age! and it's wild! Truthfully, it's been a struggle lately. With body changes, weight gain, hormone changes and acne, it's like I'm a teenager all over again. Uncomfortable in my own skin. Even the simple act of getting dressed is strange. Like I don't know how to dress for this new stage of life. It's a constant battle of emotions- both wanting to be seen and not wanting anyone to look. Can anyone relate??




I was listening to an interview with Amy Poehler recently when she mentioned something that really struck home for me. She said, "I think we should rebrand mid-life crisis to mid-life discovery or mid-life renaissance. This is where you discover yourself! You re-learn, evaluate your life and choices and define what's important now and moving forward."  





I love it. Isn't this a perfect time to dig in, go deeper, and explore other parts of ourselves we may have neglected? Midlife is a time for finding meaning, purpose, balance, and integration. It’s an opportunity to re-focus energy based on who you truly are—not simply who your family, partner, or society expect you to be. This is our time to evolve and move forward in new and exciting ways.


Happy Discovering,

Chelsea Co Founder of Dr Barry's Remedies



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